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Vibratory sieve:

For cleaning granules from crumbs, dust and debris

About vibratory sieve VS-1:

CherkasyElevatorMash Ltd TM BRONTO


• for cleaning granules from crumbs, dust and debris

Watch how VIBRATOY SIEVE operates:


Capacity: max 1000 kg/hour

Lenght: 2070 mm
Width: 1310 mm
Height: 1070 mm

Weight: 310 kg

POWER: 0,47 kW

INPUT MATERIAL:  feed pellet, fuel pellet

The design provides for quick replacement of screens.


  • high productivity
  • low power consumption
  • comparability

How the product moves:

  • The raw material is continuously filled into the receiving pipe of the vibrating screen.
  • The product moves along a vibrating sloping top sit.
  • Separated on sieve - large, sticky granules and large debris - is discharged through the upper side pipe. Separated under sieve enters the lower sieve.
  • The descent from the lower sieve - a cleaned, sorted product - is discharged through the lower side pipe.
  • The passage from under the lower sieve - small dusty particles - is discharged through the lower pipe (under the vibrating screen).

Quality assurance:

Warranty period - 1 year

• certified production ISO 9001:2015

• Our VIBRATORY SIEVE are designed for continuous and trouble-free operation.